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I have some strawberries in 2 hanging baskets. I have been getting fruit for about 4 weeks now and the plants are producing runners. I have found out that these are the daughters of the mother plant but don't know what to do with them. I have no room to plant them. Do I pinch them out or just leave them. They are very long now. Thanx



If you cannot use them by layering them into another pot etc , cut them off.

1 Jul, 2008


Hi Jannersjob
Yes you can use them by layering as Wyeboy suggests. It really depends on what you want . Do you want to keep them for cropping next year? If so then layer then or cut them off and plant into new small pots and grow on through the summer. Keep them in a cold glasshouse overwinter and repot in into a new hanging basket in Spring. However this has its drawbacks with egards to keeping th eplants clean from pest and diseasies and also virus. My suggestion is to enjoy the fruit. Let the runners run on the plant and maybe you could get some Autumn fruiting from them if you keep them going then throw them away or burn them if you are allowed a bonfire to kill any disease or virus. Next year go to the garden center,purchase clean material and enjoy the fruit whilst watching the tennis and be please that you do not have to pay the high prices charge to those who have been lucky to get tickets.

1 Jul, 2008

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