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I am very new to the world of gardening and have invested in a small greenhouse, can anyone tell me what is the easiest vegetables and flowers to (try) and grow at this time of year in Scotland.




Hi Chrissie, I planted spinach seed and spring cabbage seed last weekend and will be planting garlic and overwintering onions soon. I asked about veg earlier and got lots of suggestions here
Maybe someone else can help with the flowers.

3 Oct, 2007


P.S. I'm new too; good luck and don't be worried about trying stuff, I've killed a few things this year.

3 Oct, 2007


I too had a new greenhouse this year (first time) - I'm blaming the weather for poor results (Scotland!!) during the summer. Toms. took an age to set and flower but are now giving me quite a lot of fruit. Aubergines took one look at the world and decided not to venture forth. Butternut squash a disaster. Peppers the size of peanuts. After such a poor summer, I have not even thought/dared to think about winter planting. I shall be interested to see the response to your question.

27 Oct, 2007

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