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Unknown Shrub


By Puss

Out of a mothers day bouquet i couldnt resist planting some pinkish berries.The leaves were kind of leathery and the seed almost like dust. Anyone have any ideas what it might be. More importantly now i have grown some is it hardy?



Hey Puss, if you could post a picture of any bit of the plant it might help.

3 Oct, 2007


if not, what size were the berries and what colour were the leaves... and any idea where the bouquet came from?? Cheers

3 Oct, 2007


Pinkish berries - my immediate thought is callicarpa?

3 Oct, 2007


The common Calicarpa has purple berries.

3 Oct, 2007


Could it be a Pernettia? Some varieties have pink berries...

3 Oct, 2007


I agree with spritzhenry, it could be. If it is ,not a lot of people like this plant, the berries I think are poisonous.

4 Oct, 2007


Thanks for the feedback everyone.Sorry AndrewR its not a callicarpa Ihave one of those and the berries are as Wyeboy says purple. Sorry again Spritzhenry Idont think its a Pernettya I think they have prickly leaves and this didnt. Like the dog by the way. Joey Ijust wish my computer skills were up to putting a picture on screen ,but the berries were about the size of hollies, the leaves look a bit like a hypericum and are plain green but the berries were definatly pink. However the boss of the polytunnel has said Ican put a couple of the plants in side for the winter the rest Iwill put outside and hope for the best. Thanks again everyone.

7 Oct, 2007


hi i am a florist i don't think any of the above mentioned plants would be right as they are not ones normally stocked by florist - unlikely to be used in a mothers day arrangement unless requested by the customer. you say that this plant looks like hypericum but pink? well you can get dutch hypericum which comes in pink, is it like a coral pink? long straight stem which they are kind of in sprays at the end? thick woody stem? if so think it is a hypericum, but not sure how hardy it would be in this country as i have never seen one growing this colour, and i know that they are imported as cut flowers, but then the dutch do some strange things with plants to make them grow out of the ordanary just for us lovely florists and flower arrangers! so don't be suprized if the berries on the bush you have are standard burgandy red or orange, - but i would be interested to know if you do get the pink ones back from it though! regards angela.

18 Oct, 2007


Thanks Angela, as far as i can remember youve about hit the nail on the head, how disapointing,however if they flower next year I will let everyone know the colour of the berries. I do hope they are pink as I have the ordinary one and also a varigated one which was a surprise to me . I should explain we only bought this property two years ago and the garden was very overgrown so it has been a voyage of discovery. lots of new {to me}plants coming up in odd places.I found a Crytomeria well hidden under a yew tree , Ihave replanted it and it looks a little happier now. Regards Puss

23 Oct, 2007

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