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Why is my Grass not growing


By Julie37

United Kingdom Gb

I have recently turfed my back garden and all but about half a dozen patches have taken perfectly. These patches are yellow, and I think may have been caused by my Jack Russell puppy practicing her toilet training!! If this is the case, apart from the obvious answer of stopping the dog's doings, is there a way of treating this?



Female dogs' pee does make yellow patches on lawns. You can either keep a watering can to hand and follow her round, watering the place where she 'goes' or I am told that there is a liquid that can be added to her water bowl which is meant to help. You could check at a pet shop or at the Vet's. Our dog is male and does not have the same effect on the grass. Hormones, I believe! To cure the patches made already, I think you may have to 'patch' them with turf, or rake them out and seed them.

23 Jun, 2008


I had good results by adding gypsum...just a light sprinkle and flood with water...her urine is a strong fertilizer...add to that the sun and dry soil and it cooks the grass.

25 Jun, 2008

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