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Agapantha Flowers.( i believe it is part of the onion family !)


By Holycow

United Kingdom Gb

We have an agapantha plant which is absolutely beautiful, just about to flower and it has five flowers waiting , i will post pics when they arrive. however i would like to know when and if it is safe to split the plant as it has got quite big,and started invitingly to overhang the footpath which my kids use ,and they find the plant rather exciting and keep playing with the flowers, (i just know one of them will be snapped off !!)



You can divide Agapanthus in the spring.

23 Jun, 2008


Agapanthus like to be congested so if you divide it, it won't necessarily flower again next year or the next or ...
but then again, it might!

23 Jun, 2008

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