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silver birch trees

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hi there.about 3 years ago i planted 3x 20feet high silver birch in a row in a garden bed[not raised] and they have done really well untill recently my client went away for 4 days and on return found that 2 have brown and almost crispy leaves and the other one is perfect and untouched.the irrigation hose had come apart but the soil was moist and the ferns that are planted under them are thriving .i cant see any fungus or pests and i scratched a little of the bark off each and the trunks are all nice and healthy.......and she gets on very well with thier neigbours as that crossed my mind too...please help matthew



You know you can't achieve whole your plantations some trees die because they are dehydrated you have to protect the leaves and do not forget the roots and you must to water the trees there are many foctors for missed your plantation and that befor planted your silver birch above all when the trees are tall may be you won't know why but give water 2 years after the plantation may be moore some trees need 10 years for die

I hope my English is right

23 Jun, 2008


We planted 5 silver birches and lost three of them In our case they struggled with our extremely hot summers, and although we did our best to water them, sometimes they didn't get enough when we were away. Another factor was that when we dug them up their roots had almost gone, and we are convinced that cockchafer grubs in the soil may have been responsible. We had a huge epidemic of cockchafers (May bugs) the year before the trees died. If the wood is green then thats a very good sign. Lots of water and compost/leafmold etc might do the trick.

23 Jun, 2008

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