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Wisteria problem

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I have a wisteria that i have planted in a pot alongside my pergola. It has grown well in the 3 months since purchase but the leaves now seem to have yellowy spots on them. Is this something i need to worry about. Will the pot be sufficient for the plant ongoing?



Hi Purcellr sounds like nutrient deficiency magnesium / nitrogen which as should be putting on plenty of leaf growth now , probably indicates pot supply exhausted.As it nearly time for summer prune I would trim back new wispy growth to about a foot in length plant out if poss. or re -pot and feed with liquid tomato feed.

16 Jun, 2008


Best get it out of the pot - don't forget to prune it to three buds after flowering or you could lose this 'youngster' during the winter.

18 Jun, 2008


On a positive note, my neighbour has a wisteria growing in a pot - been there several years and flowers every year. It's a Very large pot, tho - about the biggest you can buy.

18 Jun, 2008

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