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We have several very strong growths of peony leaves - but not one single bud. We moved in to this house last October. Nothing can be done this summer of course - but what - if anything - can we do for next year?



If the Peonies were newly planted, they may well take their time in flowering. Be patient and your reward will be there...maybe next year... I hope!

15 Jun, 2008


Usual reason for non flowering is that they were planted too deeply in the first place. The bud should never be more than an inch below the surface. Bit hard to check now they are in growth, but in winter when dormant, look and see. If they are too deep then rather than dig them up and disturb them, scrape away the soil over the bud until is is just showing. They need a period of cold ripeneing to initiate flowering.

16 Jun, 2008

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