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I have a Wisteria which is 2 years old and has never flowered can you tell me why?



They can take several years to flower, I'm afraid. You will have to be patient! Which species you bought also has a bearing on how many years, as some flower sooner than others.

15 Jun, 2008


Spritz quite right to say they can take years - some never flower as from poor stock others pruned incorrectly and potential flowers removed.If you happy with the pruning side of things I would suggest buying another next spring when you can see flower buds forming and plant alongside.Many buy wisteria after flower season thinking it will have a good few months to establish itself.Given the size of wisteria in garden centres [ and the price ] they should all be capable of flowering - so if you cant see flower buds dont buy them and ignore the - it could take years principle.

15 Jun, 2008

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