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By Angbar

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What is the best fragrant long flowering (if possible)climbing plant for a sunny wall



You could choose between a Jasmine - there are several - or a Honeysuckle.there are also several of these, and also 'Trachelospermum jasminoides' - a slightly tender, evergreen climber with white flowers. There's also Wisteria, but there may be a long wait for it to flower from planting. Have you thought about Roses? Lots to choose from! It really depends what colour you'd like! You could even plant two climbers if you have space, how about a Clematis to scramble through your choice? That would extend the flowering period, and there are fragrant Clematis, too.

14 Jun, 2008


Thanks for your help, I had wondered about Jasmin but wasn't sure how long it flowered but I don't think roses would flower for long cos it does tend to be very windy on the front of my house and blows the petals off and although honeysuckle is brill scrambling over an old shed it's a bit too untidy for the position I have in mind. I want the climber to grow (neatly) up a trellis and onto the roof that extends out over my front window and door so I think I'll look at Jasmin but can you tell me which of the clematis that you mentioned are fragrant, maybe I could grow both if the flowering times can be juggled to give a longer season of interest. Thanks again

15 Jun, 2008

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