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Is this a type of achillea?


By David

Fife, Scotland

This plant was in my garden before I owned it. it is very invasive, and I have to rip lots out every spring to keep it under control. It has lovely liitle yellow "button" flowerheads, and it is a magnet and haven for ladybirds, so I could not do without it entirely. Would really like to know its name.



It looks more like Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) to me. It can be a thug, but as you say popular with the insect friends.

12 Sep, 2007


Thanx, Owdboggy. I always thought that Tansy flowers had many petals, a bit like dandelions. But the leaves on my plants are very similar, altho the flowerheads are petalless! Perhaps this is a "cultivated" or "gardenised" version?

12 Sep, 2007


It should have quite a distinctive smell not entirely pleasant. I too think it is Tansy and I think it has some medicinal properties, though i have forgotten what for !!!

12 Sep, 2007


Many, many thanx, folks, for your replies. following a sniff and google search, this is definitely TANSY. used for many ailments, notablly rheumatism, digestional ailments. I really do like this plant and always hope to have it, but beware, it will take over if you let it!

12 Sep, 2007

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