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By Anrea

Croatia Hr

Do you know name of this clematis. I have to prune , but is it 2. or 3 grup?

On plant Clematis




Looks like 'Miss Bateman', group 2 prune out any weak and dead stems late winter early spring then cut stems back to highest pair of strong growing buds, lovely clematis I have it too :-)

12 Feb, 2010


From here it looks like it could be Clematis florida 'Sieboldii', a large, late flowering type.
It's a group 3 pruning which means a hard prune because the flowers will be produced on that current years growth.

12 Feb, 2010


I'm wrong !
Simbad's absolutely right, it IS Miss Bateman :-))

12 Feb, 2010


Yes, I agree - I've got her in my garden as well. I hope she's all right, though - one of her stems died back last year! Lovely Clematis. :-)))

12 Feb, 2010


Have a look at you should find all you need to know on Clematis. Happy Gardening

12 Feb, 2010


Thank you !

12 Feb, 2010


This web site for clmatis is fantastic... :)
I search little bit and find this clematis:
Barbara Wheeler... is Barbara...
It also group 2, so I will cut like you tell me Sinbad..

Thanks girls... and boys... :)

12 Feb, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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