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how to take a cutting of a passion flower clematis?

how do I take a cutting from a passion flower and what time of the year.?

On plant Clematis



the quistion should read how do I take a cutting from a passion flower and not oassion flower.

21 Jan, 2008


Hi, I assume you mean passion flower?
I take cuttings from evergreen climbers when I trim them back, you can do this in the Spring and the Autumn, in the Spring there will be new shoots and i would use these. Alternatively an with passion flowers this may be easier, use the seeds from the huge orange fruit, when my passion fruit falls from the plant they have set seed in the area. I'd wait until a fruit falls off the plant then cut it open, take out the seed, wash it and dry it, then sow it in seed compost and leave it on a windowsill, good luck

21 Jan, 2008


Hold on a minute - Denis, I am confused. In your heading you've put Passion Flower (Clematis). These are two different species. Andrea has given you the answer for a Passion Flower, (Passiflora) but if you wanted to know about Clematis, the answer will be different. Some Clematis varieties can be layered, in other words, grow a new plant by pinning down a shoot cut half-way through into the ground until it roots and a baby plant appears. Some varieties seed themselves and babies appear. You can buy seeds, too, but they do take a couple of years to reach planting-out size. If you want any more info about a particular Clematis, please would you post an additional question and we'll do our best.

21 Jan, 2008


The passion flower clematis is C. florida sieboldii which is one of the hardest to propogate. Take inter-nodal cuttings (ie the bottom is halfway between leaf joints) and trim the top just above a leaf joint; these should be semi-ripe cuttings taken in late spring or early summer. Use hormone rooting powder but it's one of the more reluctant ones to root.

21 Jan, 2008


Thanks Andrew - you learn something evey day! New one on me, sorry Denis.

22 Jan, 2008

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