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By Rwh

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I think most of us like to feed the birds,we have been having a problem with Rats,though in the last few days Ihavent seen many,does anybody have the same problem



I have a neighbor who hasn't cut his grass in several years and if it wasn't for my cats I would be overrun with mice. I live in a rural area and found the best way is to keep my place trimmed with no place for rats or rabbits to hide. And take my cats with me when I go around my land.

9 Feb, 2010


If you use feeders then you are less likely to get rats.

9 Feb, 2010


theres more rats in the uk than people so more people are closer to rats than they think and being veryinteligent opertunists and food for a whole host of predetors it wont be easy.feedrs would be better but birds are messy bye nature and rats will eat anything .id say give them like wylieinthe sais is probably the best idea with feedres to cut down the available food on offer .they dont like being out in the open as there vulnrable .you mite be amazed what acrobats excuse my spelling they are and great climbers.its not a bad idea to cut an old soda plastic bottle up and stapling it round the upright bit of your feeder.

10 Feb, 2010


I agree with NP they are very intelligent, I have had rats at the back of my
of my garden,as it is adjoined to the fields all but a wire fence between
us. The farmer put the wire fence up to stop the Cows and Bulls
getting in, which was a big problem. Anyway, getting back to the Rats
they have chewed through all the bottom of our garden shed,we are
dealing with that at the moment, we have got some good ideas.

I have had Rat catchers in, one of them suggested shooting them, i just
couild not let him do it. The Poison in Boxes went in different Places
he came back to check three times, after third time he succeeded.
I never feed on the ground, only in feeders. You have to restrict them
and cut down on food, which is a shame. Again, as NP said We all have
them not too far away from us......So be on the lookout!!!

10 Feb, 2010


dont put any waste food out at night, wait till morning so the birds eat it right away or you will gets rats, mice and any other rodants coming out to eat

10 Feb, 2010


Yes, we have feeders in the garden and they do seem to attract rats which/who eat the spilled seed. We put some poison out last year and the rat died in the loft and we couldn't find it. Beware the smell is awful!! I heard the tiny patter of feet up above my head a few nights ago. I don't know how they get up there.

11 Feb, 2010


cammomile rats can get in anywhere even up through toilets, dont need much space at all

11 Feb, 2010


no like i said youd be amazed .

12 Feb, 2010


Thanks for your comments, wev'e had one or two new Cats about latley and we haven't seen any Rats about for three days now, so keeoing our fingers crossed.I remember a Rat catcher telling us once that Cats were the best deterant.

12 Feb, 2010


a jack russel is the best but if the cats are working brilliant.

12 Feb, 2010

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