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I came across a website selling recycled bits and bobs for the garden (can’t find it again and forgot too bookmark!!).
Pretty much everything looked easy to do but was not to my taste and not practical for the weather here in Scotland.

Here’s my attempt at something that did catch my eye….

Log selected and 2 screw in vine eyes which will provide a means to hang the feeder….

A pilot hole was drilled – the vine eyes then screwed in at both ends. These need to be placed so the feeder can be balanced correctly in it’s final position….

an alternative means of providing support could be to drill holes all the way through, thread through some rope and tie a knot on the underside to keep in place

Whilst I thought about doing that and it would probably give a more natural look – I took weather conditions into account and decided that if/when the rope gets wet it is more likely to perish quicker.

The next step was to drill some holes along the length of the log – it’s in these holes that the food will be put. My first attempt was by using the largest sized spade bit I had in my tool box.

After a few minutes of drilling – I decided that those weren’t going to do the job.

Robbie Robin came down for an inspection….

“Angie” he said “I don’t think that’s doing a very good job…what else can you use?”

After stopping for a wee break – I suddenly remembered that I once bought a set of ‘core’ drill thingies, but where are they???? It took me a while but I did eventually find them in an old tool box way at the back of the shed.
‘Note to self…..get the shed sorted out!!!!!’

These came as a set of variable width – so I was able to select a size which was appropriate to the width of the log

What a difference those made – much quicker and easier. Once the ‘core’ was drilled – it was easy enough to remove the ‘centre’ with a chisel and a mallet -

The whole log finished with varying sized of holes (sorry for the frosty pic)

Finding an appropriate place for hanging was next – had I had mature trees in the garden – I would have chosen to hang it from it’s branches. As I don’t – I used a couple of hanging basket hooks which were redundant. Mounted on the fence directcly outside the side kitchen window. I used some old chain which was also redundant.

Here it is insitu and ready to go……

Food for the birds

Because of where it is I don’t want to use seed – it will be difficult to weed in and around the plants which are growing below. I filled it with suet pieces, bashed up (with a rolling pin) peanuts and sunflower hearts.
I’ve had to fill it up every day – it’s proving to be very popular.

The birds that are using it has been starlings, blue/great/coal tits, robins, sparrows and Mrs Blackbird.

However, I am finding it difficult to get decent snaps – the reflection of the sun on the window and the fact that the tits are in and off in a blink of an eye!!!!
I was wondering if I was too mix the food together with some peanut butter – which in theory would harden – making it take a bit longer for them to get their goodies out. Any thoughts on that please?

Here are a couple of the ‘better’ pics I managed

So all in all – I’m quite pleased with my log feeder – it cost me nothing except time – recycled a log which was otherwise council tip bound.

Once last tip – a drill connected to a power supply is best for this kind of project. I found that the power just zapped out the cordless but once I changed it was like a hot knife through butter.

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Quite ingenious not sure if you have a Man around the house certainly don't need one for DIY.
There will be a lot of happy birds in your area this winter.
Would love to be able to use feeders in the garden but short of shooting all the wretched Squirrels it would be a waste of time.

3 Dec, 2012


I am in awe of your achievements, to me the tool shed is a place of mystery and bafflement!
It is a brilliant idea and the birds will just love it. It also looks nice.

3 Dec, 2012


Added to my favs, I think its a great idea and know that hubby has all the kit so I`m going to raid my log pile, hope I can do one as good as yours....

3 Dec, 2012


10/10 for this, Scottish ... I have stopped putting bird seed out as the 'mini forest' growing below became too much to weed out ... the birds will thank you for putting the food out for them ... well done! .......

Bjs ... I saw a Squirrel in the garden today ... first time in ages ... then realised he was scratching around for the 'Monkey Nuts' he had buried in the Spring ... clever little devil has found quite a few but left soil all over the lawn ... :o(

3 Dec, 2012


Who is a clever girl then. I bet that robin will sing its little heart out for you. It is a brilliant idea. We have too many squirrels around to use it. Could you fit fat balls in the biggest holes.

3 Dec, 2012


Very ingenious! I once helped making bird food with the children's group of of our local wildlife Trust. They didn't use suet - mixed all the nuts etc with lard so the result was not crumbly - hope this helps!
have to admit to being very impressed by your use of tools!

3 Dec, 2012


brilliant Scottish

3 Dec, 2012


A* is awarded to you Scotie.......brill idea, can I suggest you melt lard and add the seed to that, it then hardens and works well, just a thought as p.nut butter is expensive. :)
Sorry Stera. just seen your comment!! Snap.

3 Dec, 2012


I didnt think of that.
Will bring the box of seed back from the allotment today and make some smaller fat balls with it.

4 Dec, 2012


A brilliant idea,Scottish..and a clever one . Your birds will be so grateful this winter..:o)

4 Dec, 2012


I think that you can get seed called 'no mess' that isn't supposed to germinate......
Its a lovely natural idea,
maybe you could make 'bespoke' fat discs to slot in when empty or the fat blocks cut up, they are softer than the balls

Lucky birds. :0)))

4 Dec, 2012


Love your idea its superb, Angie:-))))

4 Dec, 2012


Thank you all for those fabulous comments - I'm pleased you all like this and I do hope some of you have a try. Easily done in an afternoon (or morning) provided you don't use a cordless drill - as I learned :))))
Learning to use tools was something I inherited from my one of my grandfathers - I was always his assistant!!
Strangely enough - my brother inherited the 'cooking' gene from gene from him - I'd much sooner get a power tool out than boil an egg!!
Any of you who have a go - let us know how you get on.
This feeder needn't be hung up - the log could just as easy be used on the ground. The Robins are loving it!!!!

5 Dec, 2012


Scottish, you are so smart! Love this really unique idea, it looks so natural and the birds obviously love it. I have a pile of logs at the side of the come the weekend I'll be looking for a suitable log!

6 Dec, 2012


Just the sort of project I like to tackle Scottish so thanks for the very clear instructions ~ you`ve done a great job.

6 Dec, 2012


Thanks Sarah and Stroller - I'm going to find another log and make one for the ground. I'm pleased others are going to have a go. To buy one like this would cost a bit!

7 Dec, 2012


love it Scottish. i have been looking for something to make for my mam for christmas. last year i got pine comes stuffed them with dried mixed fruit dipped them in melted lard then rolled them in porridge. was lovely watching the birds have their christmas dinner.i have a lovely branch of poplar i could use :-)

7 Dec, 2012


Sandra - I'm sure your mum will appreciate - I always think that a gift crafted by ourselves shows that much more thought has gone into the giving. I also appreciate practical gifts and I know I'd be over the moon if someone made me this :)

8 Dec, 2012


always the way around here at christmas Scottish...many friends and neighbours to thank for advice help and encouragement each year. bright morning today off collecting pine cones holly and some drift wood...then its off to santas workshop...ho ho ho

10 Dec, 2012

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