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Another query. This is a lovely flower which has struggled to survive the neglect that was the garden. I assumed it was a bulb and a Turks-head lily of some variety.
I have never dug it up, so am just assuming there is a bulb under there. Height is approx. 1.25M and the leaves are in whorls.

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Yes it is a Turks Head Lily... not sure which one though.

30 Jun, 2013


I would say Lilium martagon.

30 Jun, 2013


I'd also say L martagon. mine are just coming into flower and look just like this.

30 Jun, 2013


Thanks Bulbaholic, now I know what to look for rather than plough through all the descriptions in the RHS Gardener's Encyclopedia! It is pictured in there so should have looked at the picture, referred to the description and I might have worked it out - but with all this expertise a mere click away on GOY, it saved me some time.
Strangely I sneaked out this afternoon to view other people's open gardens (always a joy) and there were some there, but they didn't know what they were either!
To Seaburngirl - Do they get bigger the older they are, how old are yours?
Thanks to to Moon growe for starting the ball rolling and confirming I was at least on the right track.

30 Jun, 2013


Honeysuckle they don't get any bigger - I 'thought' they were Martagon Lilies and knew Bulba would tell you if they were.

1 Jul, 2013


the bulb does get a bit bigger then you get offsets which also produce flowers. height wise thats the max it gets to. Mine are 5 yrs old now. one clump has been found by the lily beetles but the other 4 havent. if you do go looking for the bulb they are yellowish and about the size of a big shallot.

1 Jul, 2013

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