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water logged under paving slabs can i drain water off in to sewer



Suppose you can but if your on a meter you might end up paying for it? If the water is actually running you would be better off trying to find the sauce, if its a leaking pipe it can be repaired? How near is it to your home as it may be causing damage to your foundations? Welcome to GOY.

26 Jan, 2010


you need permition from your water company, they will give you the run around ,they will want to send an inspcter out ,they will want to do the job. and you pay for every thing, cheeper and quicker by a longe chalk on both counts to dig a soakaway this will mean diging either under or by the side of the slabs, get down as far as you can somthing like five or six foot and put about two or three foot of rubble in the bottom, this will give the water witch is proberly the drain off for the whole of your garden to reach the water table, and stop that part ever geting wet agine , the water company will charge you at least forty pounds for an inspector then he will want the opion of an enginer another tun, then to do the job if they give permition another two tun upwards, I have had some.have another look at it.

26 Jan, 2010


we posted togather DRC

26 Jan, 2010


Cliffo this sounds a lot of water to me still think identifying the cause of the problem is wise before rerouting it? It occurs to me that when laying the slabs was some damage done perhaps to a drain/pipe because why lay a path on very wet ground???

26 Jan, 2010


as I said we posted togather, ofcorse I agree check if it could be a burst,the way to check is turn every thing off if on a meater and see if the meter moves , if no meter then you either need a plumber or a deviner,but you would be surprised how much water you get on a low part of a garden if the soil is cultervated over a clay base, and even worse with a larwn, a rule of thum is higher part of the garden ,a burst' lower part runoff, I feel that we will learn that this is on a lower part, that is why I said what I did,x

26 Jan, 2010


We will see Cliffo, as paving slabs sound like a patio which is usually near the house but not always!

26 Jan, 2010


even if you are right Im not taking my kiss back lol

26 Jan, 2010


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26 Jan, 2010


No matter what the source of the water, you cannot drain 'surface' water into a sewer. You can however, drain it into a land drain. So for example your toilet goes into a sewer, but more often than not the water from a down spout on the house goes into a drain.
If the water here is just run off from the house then it is no problem to do that, but if the water is from a spring then the work would need to be more extensive.
If the water is from a burst pipe then get it mended!

26 Jan, 2010


thanks owdboggy

29 Jan, 2010

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