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How can I deter worms from under block paving

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Where a block paved driveway butts up to the house, there is an ever increasing number of worm casts between the blocks and the house, the blocks have sunk about half an inch. Is there a way I can deter worms from this area ? I live in Essex.



I take it you layed on soil not sand?

21 Sep, 2009


You can't stop worm activity, I'm afraid, there is no way you can achieve that. I do wonder, though, what you put down to retain the edges of your block paving - there should have been a concrete/shingle/sand mix laid all along the edges of the paving, a good 4/6 inches deep and about 2 inches wide minimum, which should retain not only the paving, but the sand you have presumably laid it on. Worm activity would then not be able to affect the level of your paving, and actually, I doubt the worms are affecting it anyway - its because there's no functioning retaining material, by the sound of it.

21 Sep, 2009

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