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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

I'm wondering why my Rosemary bush has never flowered. I understand they usually flower in late winter?

On plant Rosemary officianalis



Hello Jane my little sweetie..;0)...Should flower in spring and summer, perhaps your conditions are not tough enough...likes sun, dry sandy conditions.. is it a cultivated variety or just the plain species..?

26 Jan, 2010


I agree with Bs.
They thrive in poor soil conditions, in sun.
I have some and they have just that and they flower regularly, infact they flower on and off throughout the year :-/
Maybe it'd be an idea to incorporate some grit into their site or re-site them completely to a poor, sunbaked area, ?

26 Jan, 2010


Thanks is a cultivated variety Steve, plenty of sun where it is, but the soil probably is too rich for it to make flowers. Its handy though near the kitchen as I use it a lot in cooking, instead of moving it Louise, I'll get another for down the garden.......:o)

26 Jan, 2010


Hah ! Good plan .... can never have too many plants, Janey ;-)

I've made a low hedge of the prostrate form, they're good for small places :-)

26 Jan, 2010


So you can cook as well.. then Jane...?

26 Jan, 2010


Ha! Ha! Bluespruce. Nothing like Beans on Toast with a little Rosemary LOL

26 Jan, 2010



26 Jan, 2010


Always found it to be an essential quality in a washing and ironing.....;0)

26 Jan, 2010


"YAWN"......Now did someone say something?...Ah, no it was only Bs...twittering again.............:o))) X

26 Jan, 2010


You might also be cutting it at the wrong time (presumably for use in the kitchen, if it's fairly small).

26 Jan, 2010


Yes, that's true Bamboo....I keep pruning it!

26 Jan, 2010

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