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How can we stop Badgers digging up the grass?

West Somerset, England Eng

We keep getting unwelcome visitors in the night - unwelcome because of the damage they do to our lawn. The garden is fenced/walled all round, so they must paddle up the stream! Please can anyone suggest anything we can do to stop them digging the grass up?




I think you're very lucky! Badgers are way cooler than a pristine lawn.

But there is stuff you can do. The Badger Trust has lots of advice:

Do be careful because there is legislation protecting badgers.

5 Sep, 2007


Thank you so much for the website - I've looked at it and it has some good advice! I'd really like to see them, but haven't had any luck yet as they don't advertise their timetable...:-) We have no idea where their sett is, so we should be safe legally.

5 Sep, 2007


Hey Spritz - you are lucky that your fence survives - badgers are real creatures of habit and often stick to the same route through fences or under them - wouldnt it be wonderful to see them paddling? Mum has a badger-flap in her fence that they can push through and trundle on their merry way!

11 Sep, 2007


Welcome back Joey - hope the wedding went well?

We are lucky that the people who sold us the house made fences with extra wired reinforcement into the ground. They were paranoid about the badgers apparently, and got really upset when the little darlings discovered the wet route to the lawn! I am aware that they are digging for cranefly larvae, and we either put up with the resulting damage or try to improve the lawns to get rid of moss etc and therefore craneflies. Husband says no time or inclination to deal with improvement - (we have a LOT of lawn) - so we'll just have to put up with it... (sigh) :-( P.S. Yes, I'd like to see them paddling but am not staying up all night!

11 Sep, 2007

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