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By Ernie

United Kingdom Gb

In my new greenhouse I am trying to grow tomatos, peppers and chilis but growth is slow, if any. At night the temperature drops to 10oC. Is this too cold and should I therefore use a heater at night?



Welcome to the exciting world of greenhouse gardening Ernie. I shouldn't worry about greenhouse temperatures in June unless they approach +5C. My tomatoes are about four feet high in an unheated greenhouse right now. The main thing is that your structure protects your plants from cold night time draughts. Be sure to ventilate well during warm days though.

But if you want to know more about Greenhouse Gardening check out the 'Greenhouse Gardening' pages in the 'Garden World' section of my web site (found in my profile).

6 Jun, 2008


Peppers like a temp around or above 60f - mine are growing fine without heat now and I'm up north - my toms are now showing three trusses and pepers are starting to fruit now - Although I did my planting in January and maintained the heat until the middle of May but at this time of year I would have thought the problem would be to keep it cool - mine is ! Ventalation is the trick but without draughts

7 Jun, 2008

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