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Echium pininana


By Piddy

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I have a very tall Echium pininana in my garden it must be over 10 foot tall an i am very proud of it, i bought it as a tiny seedling and kept it on a sunny windowsill until it was ready to plant in the garden. What i want to know is when it seeds does it die or will it re-flower next year and what are the chances of any of the seeds that fall surviving, i have chalky and clay soil.



The Echium will die...but the following year you will find hunreds of little Echiums coming up.They CAN BE INVASIVE so keep them under control. They are clearly identifiable because the leaves have black spots on them.
So next year seedlings, the following year your pride and joy will flower and then die, the year after seedlings. A biennial cycle.
If you want flowers every year you should save the seeds and plant them every year.


6 Jul, 2008

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