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Ants look as if they are eating a few of my leaves on my plants.

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So does anyone have a safe solution to getting rid of ants in my garden? THey are only on one side of it. I looked at my cantalope and a stem is chewed off and all the leaves are eating through. My lettuce is on that side and the same thing, leaves chewed through. Then I saw them the black/reddish ants. Anyone have any advice?



Hubby found a few nests of what he called 'ginger ants' They had made their homes in the lawn. I know it was cruel, but I remember my mum used to pour boiling water on iants' nests. So I suggested it.....ouch. It's singed the lawn in patches but the ants have gone!

5 Jun, 2008


You can buy Ant traps at Supermarkets DIY stores and Garden Centres - they do work!

5 Jun, 2008


Watch the ants - find there nest and put boiling water on it

7 Jun, 2008

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