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How to grow clematis in pots

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I want to grow two clematis in large pots up a south facing wall what is the best compost to grow them in and the best varieties to grow this way



As this is not the best aspect for Clematis, you must shield their roots and somehow keep them cool and shaded. Otherwise, the plants will just die. Clematis are greedy feeders and if you start off with a mixture of home-made compost and JI no.3, they should be OK for a while. You will need to feed them all the growing season. As to varieties, choose not-too vigorous types. What colour/s did you have in mind? I will give you a list of names if you would like me to.

5 Jun, 2008


What sprizhenty says about a clematis not being in the ideal spot and the compost & ji3 is true.

You can plant a clematis in a pot. Make sure the pot is big enough to hold the clematis then put that pot within a pot. As the roots on these plants will almost draw back on contact with the side of the container as clematis likes it's whole root to be cool. Also the top.Just below the soil.
You can also solve this problem too.Although,this may take several attempts so don't get too frustrated. Find an old plate and drill the centre. Break the plate in two and with a pair of tiling nibblers go to work making the centre hole large enough. This will then place together around the stem.

7 Jun, 2008

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