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By Denbo

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

When do gooseberry bushes usually fruit ?



they flower in april,so look out for frost,the fruit buds sparrows,love so protect,net the bushes in winter and when the fruits begin toripen, for large dessert fruits start thinning the fruits in late may, removing every other one , and use them in cooking, for small or medium dessert fruits,do not thin the fruit but leave to ripen and develop thire full flavour, pick in May,

15 Dec, 2009


May, Cliffo? Possibly in sunny Cheshire but I would not expect them until mid summer

15 Dec, 2009


yes BA I did not take in to account your part of the world ,I was just speeking generaly,as I did not know were the questioner lives, any chanch of you shooting me a haggis LOL but I get your point.

15 Dec, 2009


My plants flower in may and ripen by july. I'm in east yorks.

15 Dec, 2009

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