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Saw fly on gooseberry bushes

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I was given a very healthy Invicta gooseberry bush in a pot, earlier this summer. The day I was going to plant it out in the allotment, I was horrified to find the leaves stripped!
Will it recover, is it saw fly and if so, how do I treat it.



I bet you weren't happy. a bit sawn off good a web sit oisat is very good are is very good all best simon

3 Oct, 2009


it sounds like gooseberry sawfly, did you notic creamy-green caterpillars " plant it out it should recover,next year look out for those caterpillars they will be about an inch longe pick them off or spray with derris, bifenthrin,as soon as you see them and repeat as necessary betwen late april and august just look out for the bliters.

3 Oct, 2009


Thank you. Will try all these!

3 Oct, 2009


This is the first year I've seen no caterpillars. I usually pick off the wee orange lumps off the leave, which I thought were where the caterpillar eggs are layed and protected, although they can't wipe off like eggs. I rip the patch off the leaf to save as much leaf as possible. I still get goosegogs and the plant still looks healthy. Am I mad????

4 Oct, 2009


shorly that is were the ladys from hell come from' it depends what you mean by mad'' ( ladys don't be offended I was not refering to you)lol

4 Oct, 2009


the argyll and sothen hilanders known to the germans in the 1st world war as the ladys from hell.when they came screaming over the top with fixed baynets,in their kilts,

4 Oct, 2009

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