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By Drakey

Devon, United Kingdom

How do you take a cutting from an old climbing rose?



I dont know the correct way but I have had success by taking a new this year twig and cutting a length about 12". then I have literally stuck it into the ground and left it. Come the spring it has rooted and started to grow. worth a punt drakey :o)

6 Dec, 2009


For the best results you may like to try disbudding, one bud on a branch which will make a new rose tree for next year. Make a cut under the node on a 45 degree slant, halfway through the stem, put a piece of flint in the cut, wrap it round with a handful of moss, putting in some potting compost. Tie up with a piece of bass/raffia. Keep the moss wet, you can wrap it with polythene.

6 Dec, 2009


At this time of year, just do hard wood cuttings. Take a length of this year's ripened growth and stick it into a slit in the ground filled with sand, to help rooting. As Seaburngirl said, in about a year it should be well rooted and you can transplant it.
I often do this in a large pot as I find it easier to pot them on before planting. Put a 50/50 sand/soil mix and put the hardwood cuttings down the side of the pot, as deep as possible. Leave trying to transplant them into their own pots until they are well rooted. It can be deceptive when they start to grow away in the spring as they will form leaves well before they've actually root.

7 Dec, 2009


Wow thats great many thanks.

7 Dec, 2009

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