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I have Slaters eating my Strawberries. What can I do about this?



Slaters/Wood Lice
I have an infestation of slaters/ wood lice in the vege garden. This year I have been using pea straw mulch which keeps everythign nice and moist - and they just love it! My strawberries get nibbled before I get the chance! What ideas for organic remedies?

General garden hygiene is very important in preventing large infestations. Slaters love dark, damp places, e.g. under pot plants and wood. All over ripe and/or diseased fruit should be removed. Strawberrries should be planted slightly raised to keep surplus moisture away and in full sun. Traps can be used, e.g. cut large potato tubers in half, sccop out the halves, place near crop, check regularly and remove when full of slaters.

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2 Dec, 2009


One point to make is that the teeth of slaters are not strong enough to penetrate the undamaged skin of even a ripe strawberry. They are secondary pests of these fruits. They prefer deomposing leaf material to anything else. When you find them in damaged fruits it is because they are taking advantage of the damage done by snails (most often). Deal with the snails then the slater problem will also go. They are also very important parts of the compost creation process and only become pests when in huge numbers as suggested above.

2 Dec, 2009


I have enormous problems with strawberries being damaged and eaten by snails, slugs and woodlice. I will be planting them into mounds and planted through permeable geotextile this spring, on the advice of many. That way they are raised from the ground, the fruit is kept clean, and it should in theory be easier to see which pests are trying to get to them.

2 Dec, 2009

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