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I have tow large bay trees in pots, this summer they had lots of bees attracted to them also blue bottles. Now the leaves seem to have got a black coating.Around the base of the pots seem also to have a black ring. Please can you tell me if this result in me loosing them.



i just read on this and first make sure its not in line with your car starting because it could be car smoke, sounds daft but can happen, if not it can be caused by sap sucking insects from plants near by or above aphids secrete honey dew basically a sugary substance and black mould grows on this
or if powery mildew spray milk on this, thats all i could come up with , hope it helps

19 Nov, 2009


Its 1 part milk to 9 part water and spray covering allfor mildew. Sounds like fungi here is a link for you

19 Nov, 2009

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