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Is it possible to protect my herbs (parsley, thyme & tarragon) so that they will survive the winter outdoors in zone 7?



Parsley is either a biennial or an annual - thyme is a perennial, and if you have officinalis, it should survive in the ground. As far as tarragon's concerned, depends which one you've got - if its French tarragon (best tasting) this is not fully hardy in Britain (Zone 8) so you'd probably have to bring it into a greenhouse or something. If you have Russian tarragon, that should survive with a bit of protection from excessive wet.

12 Nov, 2009


Where are you in US? I am in zone 7. I can keep Rosemary all year round and Oregano, Sage and Thyme, die back and return each year. Parsley also. Basil and Tarragon will not survive and needs to be replanted each year.

14 Nov, 2009

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