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Clematis tree?!

Skagit/Washington State, United States Us

Clematis had no trellis etc. to vine on 2 yrs. later has become a large tree and not blooming! Can't remember what color the bloom before transplanted. What now? Help please!

On plant Clematis



I would have though it would have collapsed! Can you remember what type it was, or its name? Clematis are greedy plants, and it may need feeding. Also, it may be a variety that needs pruning, so we do need more to go on. How about a photo of its leaves?

31 May, 2008


The Clematis is at my daughters as I had moved to apt. This thing has a trunk and branches that I just can't believe! My Son-in-law has chopped it down once as it was up to the roof. My husband's health was declining and much to deal with and his passing in Nov. 07 so I'm afraid it got lost in the shuffle of life as to what the poor thing is! Will take a pic. tomorrow and of leaves. Stay tuned! Thanks!

1 Jun, 2008


Pollyann. thanks for taking the photos. I really don't think that this is a Clematis. The leaves are wrong and the herbaceous ones that don't climb don't make thick trunks like yours has. Have you seen the flowers? What made you think that it was one in the first place? a label? someone told you, what? I am very puzzled. I think we need to re-think this ID!!!

2 Jun, 2008

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