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Now my freesias and daffodils are over, what do i do to the messy plants? Someone told me to cut off the leaves right at the bottom-someone else told me to leave them. They are making my garden look quite untidy, especially the freesias below my roses (pictured). Thanks. :-)

On plant Freesias and daffodils




Hi Sarahsmaller and welcome to GoY. You need to leave the green leaves on the daffodils and fressias to die down naturally as they are helping to feed the bulb so it will flower well next year.

31 Oct, 2009


if you are desperate to tidy them then leave them for 6 weeks and then cut them down to about 15cm [6"].

31 Oct, 2009


I too had that problem so when the leaves died off I dug them up and re-planted them in pots so that after flowering I simply lift the pot out and let the leaves vdie down elsewhere. Also it's a good idea to feed the bulbs after flowering to boost up the bulbs for the following year.

1 Nov, 2009

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