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Watering the vegtable garden

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This is my first gasrden and I'm so clueless. My question is how often do I water my garden throughout a sunny day and do I only water the plants or do I water the whole dimension of my garden? (Walking paths)



If the weather is dry, or you have only recently put plants in, then water the plants early in the morning, or evening if you can't manage mornings. Don't water in the heat of the sun - this would scorch the leaves when the sun gets magnified via the drops. Give them a good soak, then leave them. Once a week should be enough for this - unless you see them wilting during a HOT period, then more often will be needed! If you have planted hanging baskets or pots, then they will need watering at least once every day during sunny or dry weather. Remember to water them even if it's been raining because the rain often can't get to the compost due to the plants being close together.

Hope all this helps.

29 May, 2008


Welcome to gardening - you will get lots of help here! Definitely do not water walking paths - just living things. If you mulch your plants they will need water less often - mulch slows evaporation of water. You may find that certain plants need water more often than others - especially if the soil is not the same throughout your garden, or slopes steeply.

29 May, 2008


We live in the south of England and it can get pretty warm here. If I plant something new, I'll water it every day usually in the evening after work. If it's going ot be a really hot day, I also give them a little watering in the morning before I leave for work. I'd say though, if the ground around the plant is dry and the plant is wilting, it's thirsty and would benefit from watering, not the foliage though as Spritzhenry said, it can scorch the leaves with the sun on them if they're wet.

29 May, 2008

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