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By Heron

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've many birds in my garden but never have I seen a Bulfinch. I've grown 20 sunflowers that are big with many seedheads. If they don't get eaten, will the seeds grow like weeds all over the place.




Yes they will Heron, we used to find sunflowers growing everywhere until we stopped feeding the birds the seeds - they just get peanuts now and are perfectly happy!

14 Oct, 2009


If you have top fruit in your garden you may not want to see bullfinches. Beautiful as they are, they have a notorious reputation for pecking the buds out of apple trees in the spring.
The best place for a sunflower feeder seems to be on the lawn where the dropped seed can be raked up occasionaly.

14 Oct, 2009


I allways made a point of feeding all the birds, I found that sparrow and starlings came first, but they gave the others confedence, I got all the tits that the area was suited too and I even got nuthatches and I had never seen any in the nabourhood. and the odd sparrow hork ,chaseing the small birds in to my trees,and all the finches, the gold only second to the nuthatches.

14 Oct, 2009


Thanks folks, good thing I asked as I have enough weeding to do. I'll cut them as they ripen and toss them into the field or hedge along the lane.

14 Oct, 2009


that will be nice for the field mice

14 Oct, 2009


Heron if you have not got rid of your sun flower seeds yet, I saw them in a super market to day in packet's ready rosted and salted ready to eat, a pound a packet, and they ment you and I not the birds,I wonder if they will improve our singing voice, lol

22 Oct, 2009

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