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By Irish

Dublin, Ireland Ie

does anyone know what is happening to my strawberry plants? they have been well watered and looked after. this one started to look like it was dying during the week and today another one is looking the same way




it looks like verticillium wilt. this organism or fungus, whatever it is, causes the plants to not absorb water. i have had it crop up with different plants. i had a problem with it because i had used soil from my yard, instead of new potting soil, it seems to justbe in some soils i guess. try looking up verticillium wilt and maybe you can save the plants. best of luck.
pam in georgia

25 May, 2008


Lift the plant gently out of the pot, gently clean off the soil and look for the white grubs of vine weevil where roots emerge from the crown, if present discard all soil, wash off the roots of the strawberry plant and replant in clean compost. squash all the grubs. Strawberries and Fuchsias grown in pots are very susceptible to vine weevil attacks. Be vigilent and keep a sharp look out for vine weevil adults. Best of luck Dioon11

30 May, 2008


i will do that dioon . thought it was just the one strawberry plant it was happening to but looks like another one is wilting now, thanks guys for the advice, ill let you know how it goes.

30 May, 2008


looks like you were right pam, verticillium wilt, lifted the plants out and no grubs were on it dioon

3 Jun, 2008

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