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Help with my bay tree please!!!

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i have notice that the leaves on my bay tree have become yellow and brown and there are hole in some of them. It used to be so big and bushy but now I hav enotice that it is look a bit tread bear can anyone tell what this possibly could be and how I can bring it back to it's healthy self.




Is it in a pot? Do any of the leaves look as if they're stuck together with something cobwebby like?

20 Sep, 2009


Hi Yes it is in pot and there is a few cobwebby like.

Many Thanks

21 Sep, 2009


|t's been infested by a moth larvae - these stick the leaves together with cobwebby like stuff and eventually, holes appear. Remove badly affected leaves, reshape the plant, and you can try spraying with an insecticide containing permethrin - trouble is, I don't know if the ingredient permethrin is still available in sprays, so you may have to examine the shelves at the garden centre for something suitable, or ask the staff what you could use. Keep a close eye on things next year and treat at the first sign of any recurrence. This is a common problem on bays, particularly when in pots, for some reason.

21 Sep, 2009

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