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I have some lovely osteospermum in my garden which flowers for most of year and is now 2 years old so i presumed it was a perrenial. I was about to buy some osteospermum seeds but just noticed at last minuit that the packet called it an annual if fact every one ive seen has said it was an annual. I wonder if any one can clarify for me if osteospermum is perrenial or annual or which types are perrienial? thank you



I live in the mild SW of England and so far I have only found 'Osteospermum jucundum' to be reliably hardy. I posted a picture of a border full of them last week. Last year I put in three different named plants which all succumbed to the frost. They were all labelled 'hardy'. A friend in the village had lovely maroon ones which had survived two winters but also died this winter. This year, I have planted some 'Cannington Roy' which three Nurseries swear are hardy! We shall see. At RHS Rosemoor in Devon, there's a bed of tender perennials, including Osteospermum, and they recommend taking cuttings for the following year. So the answer to your question is that in theory they are all perennials, but some varieties are tender and have to be treated as annuals.

25 May, 2008


Thank you that has helped me understand the difference between perrenial and annual. Ive seen the picture of your lovely osteospermum border and that is partly what made me want to plant more myself. We have wet and windy winters here but hardly any frost so maybe i should just try them and hope that they survive.

25 May, 2008


Why not! Have a look for and at 'hardy' ones first, and go for it!

27 May, 2008

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