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what should i with my sunflowers

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I have about 15-20 huge sunflowers about 1ft across full of sunflower seeds can they be eaten, sold, ect.
also do i cut them down for regrowing next year or keep seeds anything to help would be great.



Don't know about eating but the seeds probably won't grow if you bought them in a packet. The commercial seeds are mostly hybrids, genetically modified sso that seeds they produce won't grow, and of course that makes you buy another packet. All a money-making exercise on behalf of the big companies. Here's a tip: If you really like the sunflowers and want to grow more of them, buy a bag of cheap sunflower seeds from a pet shop (rats and mice love the things) and they'll grow (or at least they did when I tried). Also about a thousandth of the price.

17 Sep, 2009


I wouldn't write off the seeds....I've always got volunteer sunflowers growing from seeds dropped off the previous year's plants.
You can save and dry the heads with the seeds in them and hang them up for the birds over the winter. They love them.

17 Sep, 2009


Oh boy the birds are going to love you this winter and you may well find sunflowers springing up all over the place!

17 Sep, 2009


Just for a bit of fun I always pull a few of the seeds out to make a face (you know 2 eyes nose and mouth shape) without telling the kids and then when they next see the sunflowers it looks like they are smiling!!

17 Sep, 2009

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