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how to prepare soil for dwarf french beans

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I have two small patches in mind to plant out my seedlings in my back garden, but the soil is poor and apart from digging it over i have not added anything yet, will top soil be beneficial as i know they don't like manure, etc and i dont have any well rotted leaf mould. Perhaps i shouldnt bother and give the seedlings away as all i have read seems to suggest i should have prepared the ground ages ago with well rotted stuff dug in ............???



Haven't you got any compost made? Maybe you could 'borrow' some from a friend or neighbour to dig in! The topsoil that you can buy wouldn't be nutrient-rich. I think you can buy bags of well-rotted manure, can't you? That would do the trick.

24 May, 2008


At the end of the day, rather than throw them or give them away, stick them in and see what happens. I do this sometimes and surprise, surprise you get results. Maybe not the perfect crop but it's still a crop. Give it a go.
Or try a three to a pot.

24 May, 2008


It might work to do something along the lines of the soil mixture I made up for the boxes in my patio garden, you could work it into your soil and see if it helps. I used one part peat moss, one part coarse vermiculite and one part MIXED compost. The compost is the most important part for me and I mixed cow manure, hen manure, worm castings and mushroom compost, all commercially available composts here in my area. Mixed together to fill boxes and planters and worked in to the soil might work for you.

24 May, 2008


I've used bags of well rotted manure bought from DIY/garden centres (there's no smell!) and this has really helped in my garden, although I've not tried it for growing dwarf french beans. Good luck- I hope you get a good crop.

25 May, 2008

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