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do my tomatoes have a disease?


By Mendie

United States Us

some leaves on my tomato plants have turned a beigey colour and have started to curl slightly is this a disease or something I am doing wrong? I grew them from seed and have yet to put them in large tubs - they are still in the 3inch pots - the variety is Alicante which is supposed to be disease free - I thought - would appreciate some advice as don't know wether to plant them or not many thanks



Is the soil really dry? I ask this as a few of mine didn't look to healthy as I had been away for a few days. When you water do you give them a good soak? Also the size of pot could be a problem. They get stressed as their roots are cramped. Give a good drink, and I mean a good drink as the water will pass straight through if the soil is to dry, then move them into some larger pots. Fingers crossed.

24 May, 2008

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