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How to take care of my grape vine?


By Diane

I have just planted a grape vine - not sure about the precise variety at the moment. It is quite old, perhaps as much as 30 years, but has been in a pot all that time and pruned right back to the trunk each year.

I have planted in a south facing garden on the south coast and intend to grow it along a pergola. Although our soil is flinty the area in which it is planted is in a small bed that has been dug out and replaced with topsoil and a mixture of home and brought compost.

Please can anyone offer advice or info as to how to care for it, pruning, feeding etc and what variety it might be?

On plant vitus vinifera




Having watched how they treat vines down here in the South of France cutting it back to the main trunk each year is the way to go. If you want it to spread, then leave two of the strongest shoots each year and train these. Cut back hard to these and allow the new growth to run. Enjoy the grapes !

11 Aug, 2007


Oh and poor soil conditions seem to suit them better. You might want to dig some of your flinty stuff back in!!

11 Aug, 2007


I was wondering how to prune my outdoor grapevine too. I thought that a vine fruits on the previous years growth, if that's the case cutting it back to the trunk would be cutting the fruiting shoots off.

My vine does need pruning but I'm unsure what to do and when.


5 Sep, 2007


Try this RHS webpage! Should tell you all you need to know - good luck

6 Sep, 2007

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