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By Rushy24

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

when a pear tree needs another tree for pollination how close do the trees need to be.



In the same garden would be good, but even next door is fine, in the average sized garden. I've just checked the book and its not more specific than that, just says nearby. Pears do need a more sheltered, sunny position than, say, an apple tree though, and the 2 pears you buy should both flower at the same time for effective pollination.

30 Aug, 2009


How far does a bee fly? Find that out and that is how close the trees need to be. But true they both need to flower at the same time.

30 Aug, 2009


I just checked my Dr Hessayon Fruit Expert and he reckons pear trees grown as standards should be planted 30 feet apart. So I guess up to 30 feet is OK and maybe more if you have energetic bees?

30 Aug, 2009


or self polinate physicly.something they have to do in parts of china as the bees have seriously considering keeping bees to help them out as they have bean helping me out all my and your lives and they are in trouble.there are benefits like honey and a hobby that goes hand in hand with gardening.also could diswayed burglers if put in the right place lol

30 Aug, 2009


Way to go, Leigh!


1 Sep, 2009


i think its the only way to go

1 Sep, 2009

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