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What chillies can I grow in pots on the patio?

New Romney, Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I'm experimenting with growing chillies in pots on the patio. I've got some F1 Apache varieties that have done really well. I've also got some F1 Pepperino and Jalapenos. Are there any other varieties that are suited to being grown outdoors? I live on the Romney Marsh in Kent, so the back garden can get a bit 'draughty'! I've don't have any room indoors.



I can't really answer this directly as all my chillies are grown in a bubble wrap insulated 8'x6' heated greenhouse. However, that said, If I were growing outdoors my main concern would be protecting from cold/cool draught/wind (cold frame?)and keeping the growing medium damp but NOT wet. Lots of sun is required (in uk as much light as you can give it).
ps I'm growing; Cherry Bomb, Scots Bonnet, Thai (Birds Eye), Bell pepper (capsicum, sweet Pepper), Tepin and a sweet pepper that grows 3' tall and has 7" long 3" wide friut. I'm also successfully growing Ginger for the first time.
I wouldn't recomend Scots Bonnet for outside growing as they are very suseptable to draughts and will drop all of their leaves (greenhouse too cool proved this). Sunny window sill is ok though.

I hope this helps, if it didn't, it gave you something to read ;-)

1 Sep, 2009


Thanks very much! That'll give me a little list to investigate for next year - if I get my mini greenhouse!

1 Sep, 2009


You'r welcome.
Check out some Chilli web sites or chilli eating on you tube.
look out for an Australian guy from The Hippie Chilli Company or something like that on you tube. He reviews chillies on camera telling you how hot they are, how long does it burn and what are the effects (typically "It's caning my throat".).

1 Sep, 2009

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