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I planted my lettuce and beet seeds, set up the watering system, and then left for two weeks vacation. When I retuned this last weekend I discovered that the watering system malfunctioned. I have it working again – but now, here’s the question—will the seeds I already planted still germinate and grow, or do I need to buy and plant new seeds?



really depends when it malfunctioned. dont think they take long to germinate so if you try them again you should know in 5 or 6 days. (i take it you mean beetroot)

21 May, 2008


Hi: I am just starting my beet seeds- they are a bit old so am going to soak them on damp paper towels and between a dry towel, leave them in a warm place in the kitchen until they germinate. ( don't let the seeds dry out) They shouldn't take to long and it gives them a bit of a head start.

21 May, 2008

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