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Beetroot leaves scorched


By Osca

Lanakshire, Scotland Sco

Hi All
I am growing some beetroot but the sun has scorched all the leaves. Will this harm them or will they recover. I have been watering regularly at night when it is cooler



If they have lost all the leaves they may be stunted or small. Depends how big they are now. Beetroot are pretty resilient and should make new leaves, so I'd hope for the best. But beet are so easy to sow and grow quickly, it's probably as well to sow a few in modules ready to replace these.

21 Jul, 2009


The leaves have grown back about 95% and none of the leaves were lost completley. Some are still a wee bit discoloured but all seems fine now.
Thanks for your help. I will let you know how they get on when I harvest them.
Thanks again

22 Jul, 2009

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