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Red Maple-Half with no leaves

United Kingdom Gb

Two years ago one of the branches had no leaves, so I cut off the branch. Last year all was fine. This year the tree only has approx half the branches with leaves.



Mine did this this year - I lost about half of the tree. I cut off the dead part down to where I can see little red shoots appearing. The Dissectum also did this two years ago when it was in a pot in a position that caught the wind. I had to cut off a large branch - but it has grown well in its new sheltered place and looks great! Yours has either got cold wind damage or been caught by the frost - so bite the bullet and cut it back (A feed would also give it a boost.)

20 May, 2008


This happened to my Acer Palmatum too. In my case I think it was midday sun during our hot dry Summer that did the damage. I moved it to a spot where it is in shade for most of the day. I cut off all the dead branches last year. It is doing really well now and growing steadily. It has survived our cold winters very well. We are a lot colder than UK, equivalent to zone 6.

21 May, 2008

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