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Please can you identify this fruit?

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It is yellow and spherical, about 1.5-2cm in diameter and growing with a smallish, slightly serrated leaf. It is growing beside a plum tree in our neighbour's garden and we were invited to pick the plums and any other fruit. I thought this looked edible but then got nervous ...




Could be a Malus fruit - which is a crabapple - this pic looks like Malus 'Golden Hornet' - was it growing on a small tree? And is the fruit soft to touch, or firm, even hard?

17 Aug, 2009


Looks like a yellow plum to me as you did say your neighbour let you have some of theirs is it the same colour and one might have fell and rotted and then seeded itself. plum leaves at edges are serrated

17 Aug, 2009


Looks like one of the little yellow mirabelle plums

17 Aug, 2009


It's possibly Prunus cerasifera or Myrobalan. There are yellow fruiting varieties such as 'Golden Sphere' which though originally grown in the Ukraine, are now becoming popular over here. They are very heavy cropping too.

17 Aug, 2009

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