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I've grown potatoes in my garden most years. However the last couple of years they havn't made good eating.
When they are cooked they have unpleasant crumbly texture, dont taste v nice, & if they are boiled they fall to pieces!
Any idea what going wrong ?



Are you growing the same variety of potato every year? There are very many varieties, some are waxy and firm and some are floury and crumble. Some people prefer one and some the other.

7 Aug, 2009


I think Bulbaholic has hit the nail on the head, have you changed the variety? We accidentally mixed up our earlies and mid potatoes when my husband dug them up and when I cook them some fall apart and are very dry and the others are perfect. If you are using the same variety maybe there was something wrong with the seed potatoes. Usually blight etc shows up very cleary.

11 Aug, 2009


Well to be honest. I've just planted potatoes that were left over form the supermarkey & we hadnt go round to eating! They have always grown well in past years, However my dad has also planted seed potatoes (dont know what variety), & he has had the same troub;e. Oddly also at his own house as well which is 12 miles away.

11 Aug, 2009

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