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can you move a pumpkin once it has started flowering/fruiting

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we planted a pumpkin which is now very big and we would like to move it to a different part of the garden will this kill it.



If it doesn't kill it, it will check it's growth. Don't move it. If it's one with small fruits then you could try training it upwards on to a wigwam or similar to give you more room. They are big plants arnt they!!

21 Jul, 2009


Realistically you can expect to dig something up when it is fruiting and expect it to carry on growing as if nothing had happened. As Sid suggests create a wigwam for the vine to grow over unless the fruits are already quite large.

21 Jul, 2009


Erm...Moongrower - was that actually what you meant to say...?? LOL

23 Jul, 2009


Um yes...

23 Jul, 2009

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