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why is my hestia runner bean dropping its flowers!

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Hi, i planted a hestia mini runner bean from seed in april. its been really healthy and i'm pleased with it. Its currently covered in red and white flowers, and besides the odd leaf thats kind of brown patchy (almost with dried bits of leaf on it, which i cut off) its healthy and doing well.

However yesterday whilst inspecting it, i noticed that the flowers seem to be simply falling off. They shrivel up, and i think that then they'll reveal the small bean, but instead the flower head falls off, taking the bean with it. Some of them seem to be breaking off to the touch. I have had this problem to a lesser extent with my bell peppers too. What am i doing wrong? Has all this rain taken its effect? thanks!



Yes, the rain has taken an effect...indirectly. Beans, indeed all food crops, need plenty of water right through the growing season. I suspect you've been a bit sparse with your watering and now the plant has had more water than it's been used to and is throwing off its flowers...bursting at the seams, really.

5 Jul, 2009


its been too dry and the flowers have not been polinated. un fertilized flowers drop off totally. i always grow sweetpeas with the runners and get good pollination as well as pretty flowers for cutting.

5 Jul, 2009

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